Key Grooper Features

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Replace old-school document imaging with

Modern Paper Capture

There is a lot more to doing this right than just jamming pages into a scanner. We've got what it takes to get the most usable information from your images every time.

Process every file

Any document. Any source.

Extend RULES-based ETL beyond paper documents. Handle any document from any source, and do it using the same workflow specifications that handle your paper documents.

Finally, there is a reliable way to

Classify Unstructured Documents

Rapidly identify, sort, and Groop documents based on text and visual characteristics.

Confidently make better decisions now that you can

Easily collect more data

If there's data you want off your documents, go get it. Sections, tables, fields... structured forms, unstructured documents... good quality, bad quality... Collect virtually any data from your documents without making compromises.

Atomic RegEx

This is the must-see feature of Grooper that merges Fuzzy Matching and Regular Expression to collect the most accurate data from documents with a shockingly low level of effort!

Hierarchical Data Models

Many structured documents consist of sections, tables, and fields. Grooper can understand and mirror the structure and flow of a document to Groop even the most complex information.

Unstructured Data Extraction

Find important data buried anywhere in unstructured documents by combining Atomic RegEx and deep lexical analysis. Zonal extraction and templates are a thing of the past.

Natural Language Processing

NLP picks up where simple patterns leave off. Use space, word flow, and contextual awareness to analyze the entirety of documents to automatically find what you're looking for.

Paragraph Analysis

Automatically Groop lines of text together to logically identify paragraphs, then study their contents to identify clauses and provisions.

Table Extraction

Extract and validate line item detail from invoices, reports, statements, and other documents containing tabular data. No templates required.

Mathematical Validation

Use simple, Excel-like formulas to check math across extracted field values, and popup warnings for users when things don't add up.

Lexicon Bootstrapping

Data scientists love our tools that instantly assess large document collections to build custom lexicon Groops for future NLP projects without writing a single line of code.

Automated Redaction

Automatically track down character Groops in documents that contain sensitive information and let Grooper handle the auto-redaction.

Spell Correction

Atomic Regex fixes OCR errors, typos on documents, and data entered by users to give you the best possible data at all times.
You deserve a unified experience

From Design to Production

Make things easy on yourself. Deployments shouldn't take many months or years. Get results faster thanks to Grooper's modern architecture, massive parallelism, and Process Design Studio.

Robust Design Studio

Manage every aspect of your environment from a simple design interface where you can unit-test each component of your processes and models easily - without running a production batch completely through the process.

Included Test/Dev Environment

Each Grooper system includes unique areas for test and production work. Admins can freely move data between the two for testing and troubleshooting.

Integrated Change Control

Plan, build, test, clone, and experiment with new ideas without impacting production. When you're ready, publish your new creations from the Design Studio into Production.

Object Pack/Push

Create portable .zip packages of your models, batches, and patterns or push them to another environment with a single click.

Parallel Architecture

Leverage hundreds of processing cores spread across multiple servers and end-user workstations. Perform in minutes what takes hours or even days using traditional processing methods.

GPU Acceleration

Use hardware acceleration from Intel and NVIDIA GPUs on each workstation to drastically speed up Image Processing, OCR, and Data Extraction.

Tiered Storage

Run active batches using your fast SSD storage, then automatically offload the data to lower tier storage at the back end of the process.

Performance Profiling

Tune low-level profiles with real-time processing statistics that show you how minor changes in settings impact compute performance.

System Load Balancing

Thread pools, thread priority, and real-time system monitoring dashboards simplify the process of balancing compute load across your environment.


Track user performance and monitor automation rates using a suite of out-of-the-box reports. Or customize your own reports, incorporating data that lives outside of Grooper.

One-click Upgrades

Software Updates can be remotely pushed out to all connected workstations right from the Design Studio without all the extra touch points.

Fully-Documented API

Brew up custom activities, connectors to third-party systems, and new user interfaces using our API.
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