Grooper Product Roadmap

Take a quick peek at our progress as we work toward inventing the next big thing. Feel free to spark a discussion on Grooper xChange to get your hands on the details.

Feature Progress
Activity Testers
Conditional IP Execution Enhancements
Feature Dropout with Inpainting
Lexicons Include Frequency Information
Atomic Regex Match Modes
New Table Extraction Methods
Multi-Language Support
Language Detection
GCM CMIS Support Added
Improved Help System
Simplified Reporting Architecture
  • Next Release Version: 2.70
  • Target Release Date: Q2 2018
  • Code Name: General Avocado

Licensed Users

All Grooper users with active contracts are entitled to receive all of these updates and enhancements as soon as they are officially released.

Beta Buddies

Are you made of sterner stuff? We'll be releasing betas of these updates, services, and features. Let us know if you'd be willing to be a guinea pig, err, beta tester.

Ideas & Suggestions

Really think we should build a specific thing or make something better? Let us know by adding a suggestion in Grooper x Change! Make sure someone else didn't already note it though by searching existing issues first.